The Oceanex Connaigra was launched in Flensburg, Germany on May 31, 2013.

June 03, 2013


June 3, 2013
The largest Canadian Flag Con/Ro ship was launched in Flensburg, Germany on Friday, May 31. Representatives from Oceanex Inc., were in attendance for the naming ceremony and launch of its newly constructed, custom-designed 210 metre long ConRo vessel. Following the launch, the vessel was hauled to the fitting out quay, where the final details including the bridge and accommodations block will be installed and the vessel readied for delivery in October. Mrs. Bernice Hynes, wife of Executive Chairman, Captain Sid Hynes, christened the Oceanex Connaigra, blessing both the ship and all who sail on her.
The ship is being built by Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) and will set new standards for innovation, flexibility, and environmental protection. Construction of the Oceanex Connaigra began with first steel cutting 8 months ago, following four years of design and planning to ensure the ship will not only provide optimum performance and reliability in the harsh weather conditions of east coast Canada, but will also meet the company’s capacity for the next 30 years. Oceanex Executive Chairman, Captain Sid Hynes, says “the Oceanex Connaigra is a considerable investment and an essential element of our company’s strategy to meet the needs of our clients throughout Eastern Canada. Furthermore, we are thrilled to build a ship that is classed by DNV as a “clean ship” and will be a world leader in energy efficiency and environmental protection.”
With a deadweight of 19,300 tons and 13,700 square metres of available space, the Oceanex Connaigra is designed to carry containers varying in size from 20’ to 53’ as well as trucks, trailers, cars, and over dimensional cargo. With moveable vehicle decks and the addition of a wide, reinforced side ramp, the ship will be one of the most versatile Con/Ro vessels in the country. Ice-classed, it is also equipped with anti-roll stability tanks and a gyro controlled active fin stabilizer system “to ensure we have the most stable platform that is reasonably possible” says Hynes, “further guaranteeing our ability to continue with Oceanex’s proud 99% on time performance standard, cargo safety, and crew comfort.
Both Oceanex and FSG have placed the highest value on environmental performance for this new-build project. Because of her optimal lines, the new ship will use 30% less fuel than comparable size ships, thereby reducing C02 emissions by about 20,000 tons per year. With her innovative new waste gas de-sulphurisation plant, the Oceanex Connaigra already meets stricter environmental regulations due to take effect in 2015.
Delivery of the Oceanex Connaigra to the Newfoundland service is expected in the fall of 2013 at which time it will join the current Oceanex fleet composed of the MV Cabot, the Oceanex Sanderling, and the Oceanex Avalon.
Oceanex Inc., a privately owned Short Sea Shipping company, is a leading player in the east coast transportation industry. Oceanex provides full inter-modal transportation services between Mexico, the United States, and mainland Canada to the island of Newfoundland. Oceanex further serves over land all points in Newfoundland from St. John’s daily.
Flensburg Shipbuilders, founded in 1872 and the world’s leading builders of RoRo ships have built an outstanding reputation for their work. The shipyard has delivered over 750 ships to date, concentrating on specialized vessels and tailor-made developments - not only RoRo and RoPax sectors, but also naval ships and offshore ships.
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