Transportation routes

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In addition to transportation routes, Oceanex also offers weekly sailings to Newfoundland from Montreal and Halifax.

The Company offers intermodal connections for all North American freight as well as for international carriers for Newfoundland’s import/export business.

Oceanex also provides inland transportation to and from its marine terminals. This is performed through a combination of third party contractors and in-house trucking services.

Transit times to
St. John's

From Canada:
Calgary 8 days
Edmonton 8 days
Montreal 4 days
Regina 7 days
Saskatoon 7 days
Toronto 4 days
Vancouver 10 days
Winnipeg 6 days
From USA:
Northwest 8 days
Western Region 9 days
Midwest 6 days
Southern Region 6 days
South-Eastern Region 5 days
North East 4 days